The research team at BMSG investigates how issues affecting the public’s health are presented in the media. The goal of our work is to use our findings to support the media and policy efforts of public health advocates to create healthy environments for all communities. Our research falls into two categories. For advocates in the field, we deliver a variety of policy-oriented materials, such as framing briefs and case studies. These documents offer incisive, timely analyses of how much coverage a public health issue is getting, how it is being framed in news or marketing media, and how effectively advocates have used the media to further their policy agenda. We also publish content analyses for the academic and policy communities. These projects use scientific methods to explore in greater depth the nature and extent of a public health issue's coverage and framing.

An analysis of news coverage of the 2013 soda tax proposal in Telluride, Colorado

In 2013, Telluride, Colorado, proposed a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks. Like two similar soda tax measures that came before it in California, the proposal failed. In this report, we analyze what arguments were made for and against the tax in the news and how coverage of Telluride compared with that of California.

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