As Sandusky trial progresses, what story are the media telling about child sexual abuse?

Reporting on child sexual abuse typically centers on courtroom play-by-plays, with little attention given to prevention or the role of institutions in fostering abuse. The Sandusky case gives the media an opportunity to change that. Are they taking it? Read more >

How sexist language is undermining efforts to improve public health

Critics of public health measures often use the phrase "nanny state" to evoke fears about the U.S. government exerting too much control over people's lives. But what's really behind the words? And what do public health advocates lose when they repeat it? Read more >

The tobacco industry rehashes old arguments -- will voters listen?

Public health advocates have crafted a proposal that would tax cigarettes to help prevent young people from smoking and risking premature death from cancer and other diseases. Unfortunately, Big Tobacco is up to its usual tricks, and its smear campaign may derail the measure. Read more >

Dozens die each year at the Golden Gate Bridge -- when will we finally install a barrier?

Public health advocates and the news media have long pointed to the need for a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent unnecessary deaths. Now, as we approach the bridge's 75th anniversary, it still lacks one. What will it take to change that? Read more >

Media frenzy on breastfeeding asks wrong questions, obscures context for health

A recent Time Magazine article and the firestorm of commentary that followed asked, How long is too long to nurse a child? But if we're concerned about children and their health, we need to stop pitting mom against mom and start asking different questions. Read more >

Why we should stop using the word 'obesity'

Obesity is a symptom of a much bigger problem. Yet many of the groups working to improve health equity have placed responsibility for the country's growing waistlines and related health issues squarely on the shoulders of individuals. And the food industry is reaping the benefits. Read more >

NYT's Kristof calls for Bud boycott, decries brewer's greed

By flooding a town near South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with beer, the alcohol industry is fueling health inequities among the Oglala Sioux. Columnist Nicholas Kristof offers suggestions for reigning in the booze. Will industry listen? Will media keep the issue alive? Read more >

Are you reinforcing your opposition's arguments?

Do you ever find yourself bringing up your opposition's frame before she or he does? By raising the precise frames we intend to counter, even to refute them, we are creating hurdles we now must jump over. And we may be suggesting these arguments to those who had not yet considered them. Read more >

Have food deserts turned into food swamps?

Everyone needs easy access to healthy, affordable food. Yet this basic point is getting lost in recent media coverage of new research that questions the existence of food deserts and their potential relationship to obesity. Read more >

NYT exposes alcohol industry efforts to stall important health legislation

In its latest article about alcohol abuse and related health issues on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the Times highlights the role of industry in perpetuating such abuse. Industry contributions to members of a key legislative committee may have hobbled efforts to limit sales in areas prone to alcohol-related crime. More >

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